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Sell the latest in clothing labels
Súmate a la revolución Stikets

Stikets is a company that designs and manufactures unique labels and customized to meet the needs of families marking garments.

Stikets clothing labels are used to identify the belongings and avoid losing garments. In addition, extra heavy duty are very durable and the washer, dryer and weather.

The Stikets labels are 100% Custom text, 18 colors and combinations and more than 80 funny icons. The labels are made in a high quality thermally fusible material proof washer and dryer. More than 200,000 orders delivered support this revolutionary product.

What do you get from Stikets?
Expositor Stikets para tiendas

Design and customization: the labels can be customized with 18 colors and 84 funny icons
Quality: thermo-adhesive labels are proof, washer and dryer
Experience: more than 200,000 orders delivered FREE Expositor: we send the Exhibitor within 24 hours on the first purchase to start selling
Up to 45% margin for each order

What you sell to your customers?
Tarjetas de compra Stikets

At the store, your customer purchases a shopping card you can redeem for 96 labels for clothing. The customer chooses the text, font, color and icon labels that are detailed in the Exhibitor, and you write down on the card purchase. Once your customer has paid the order, you take care labels Stikets website. Stikets send you the tags for free. The customer back to your store to receive your order.
How purchasing cards cost?

You can order kits10 or 20 cards purchase. Each card purchase includes a exclusive discount code that can be redeemed for 96 labels for clothing.

10 Cards 4,90€/u
20 Cards 4,45€/u

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Frequent questions
1. What I will get my kit Card purchase?
- A 23.5cm x 31,5cm Exhibitor - A box with 10 or 20 cards purchase, according indicate on this form. - A sample of the product applied in a tissue - A red approved establishment

2. When will I get my order?
We will send the exhibitor, purchasing cards and the rest of your order within 24/48 hours after receiving the payment.

3. How to purchase the cards work?
In the store you will fill a shopping card with client customization options (to later ordering) and a receipt for your customer to be used as proof when you come to collect their labels.

4. How I can see the customization options?
The customization options are on the back of the Exhibitor. There, fonts, colors and icons are detailed.

5. How to redeem purchase cards filled in the store? 
www.stikets.com/pedidos access and customize the labels by choosing the (1) text, (2) color (3) printing and (4) that the client icon indicated on the card. Once in the shopping cart, enter the code printed on exclusive discount inside the card purchase (8 characters) in the box "Do you have a discount code? Fill shipping information with your store address and click "Submit order" to receive the order within 3 to 5 working days.

6. When will I receive my store labels?
In 3-5 working days you will receive labels in your store.

7. How labels are delivered?
Labels will reach you in an envelope blue Stikets, along with instructions for baking paper and iron them for implementation.

8. How do I order more cards purchase?
If you have already placed an order contact us at tiendas@stikets.com or 938 031 458/911 592 620 To make your first order fill out this form.
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